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Voids, Disrepairs & Planned Works

At Apest Refurbishments we specialise in void works for housing associations, local councils and their commercial partners. Through our range of expertise, we aim to provide a genuine ‘one-stop shop’ for our clients.

We have worked for industry leaders such as Affinity Sutton since the business first opened 8-9 years ago. When scored against our KPIs, we have often exceeded our client's expectations highlighting that we aim to provide the highest level of service time and time again.

Our team have extensive experience in void works services and can handle everything from cleaning and minor repairs right through to full refurbishments.

Working from your ‘tick sheet’, we can provide all labour and materials to complete every aspect of the work required, including:

  • Removing unwanted personal effects
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitisation; addressing hygiene issues
  • Clearing pest infestations
  • Installing new fixtures and fittings – windows, locks, doors etc
  • Repairs to kitchens and bathrooms, or replacing old installations
  • Building works as required, from minor plastering jobs right up to full rebuilds
  • Full rebuilds following fire damage
  • Cleaning up in special situations (such as after the death of a tenant in the property).
  • Gas and Electrical works such as gas repairs and lighting installations
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Officialy Accredited By:

Voids, Disrepairs & Planned Works Official  Accreditation

Upon a client request we provide void works services, our experienced team will sign an SLA and work to a scheduler rate. This means that for the next 1 - 2 years, every job we do, is pre-priced, providing our clients with transparency at all times.

Our operatives will typically work in two-person teams for hands-on work, with progress regularly monitored and checked after completion by our supervisors. If we discover additional tasks that are required, we will liaise with you to get them signed off and carry them out as part of our pre-agreed works.

From the knowledge gained by our extensive background in managing void works services, we understand that prompt refurbishment is essential to you to ensure that properties can be re-let on time and rental revenues maximised – or simply enjoyed once again by the owner. We will typically have nine days to complete the work, key to key, including cleaning the property. Our team currently works to a deadline of 8.7 as we understand how important it is for projects to be completed on time and to the expected high standard.

Our Process


Sign an SLA and agree a schedule of rates.


A surveyor would approach us and let us know what needs to be replaced.


Our team will agree a time to come to the property and complete the work.

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