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Anti-Pigeon net and clean

Apest attended to install an anti pigeon net below the suspended ceiling in an external hand wash area in a school. We also lifted tiles to inspect the void above for nesting birds and located and dispatched feral pigeons, nests and squabs. Installed a 9m x 3m pigeon net using stainless fixings to help prevent further pigeon activity.

Returned at a later date to complete clean.

Carried out an environmental clean to the external hand wash area in a school due to contamination caused by feral pigeon activity. Removed all pigeon guano from hand wash basins, soap and towel dispensers, surrounding walls and floor areas. We also washed down with an avian biocidal which neutralises any unseen contaminants associated with feral pigeon activity. All contamination was removed from the site. Anti-roosting spikes were attached to the top of towel dispensers to deter any returning birds from roosting.

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