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Bird Netting Services London

Posted by Apest 7th July 2016.

Pigeons were loafing on the roof surface of this building causing a nuisance. Apest designed a unique net system installation to deter target pest. Pigeons causing annoyance to your building? Give us a call now for a free quotation.


Sewage leak clean up services London

Posted by Apest 23rd May 2016.

At Apest Environmental we have multiple in house divisions one of which are the Environmental cleaning team. We were called out to attend a property with reports of a sever sewage leak throughout the entire property. We were able to attend the same day.

Upon arrival the reports were confirmed evidence of raw sewage had travelled round all areas of the property as per photos. We removed highly contaminated items for clinical disposal.

We managed to remove all evidence of sewage and carried out an environmental deep clean using specialised biocide chemicals to eliminate bacteria and diseases related to this.

Bird Proofing & Decontamination Services London

Posted by Apest 25th April 2016.

Before and after photos of balcony contaminated with pigeon guano. Apest carried out a deep clean and erected pigeon netting to prevent further infestation.  Call us today for free quotation.

Bird Proofing Services London

Posted by Apest 22nd Feb 2016.

Apest fixed anti perching spikes to areas of this building to prevent pigeons from resting on these spots.



Loft Space Guano Decontamination

Posted by Apest 22nd Feb 2016.

Before and after photos of loft space contaminated with pigeon guano.

After blocking all entry points to prevent pigeons from re-entering Apest removed all loft insulation, carried out a full clean of all areas and replaced with new insulation.


Strengthening our fleet!

Posted by Apest 12th January 2016.

Apest Environmental is continuing to grow and covering more areas everyday. We have expanded our vehicle fleet with these brand-new response vans.

Deep clean to a loft space

Posted by Apest 11th January 2016.

Before and after photos of a deep clean to a loft space. Apest removed all contaminated loft insulation, proofed any visible holes and gaps allowing pigeons access, cleaned all areas and re-insulated loft area



London Bird Proofing Services

Posted by Apest 22nd September 2015.

Before and after photos of a balcony contaminated with pigeon guano. The existing netting was replaced due to its condition and all areas of the balcony cleaned, free of pigeons. Call today to arrange a quotation to your premises!


London Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Posted by Apest 28th July 2015.

Pigeons were nesting under this roofs solar panels, in order to prevent this happening the Apest team fixed wire mesh to all sides of the panel using specialist clips to fit in place. Whilst on site we also cleaned any fouling and nesting. Give us a call to book a site survey to fend off pigeons from your solar panels!


New additions to the Apest Fleet

Posted by Apest 19th July 2015.

We have further strengthened our fleet of vehicles with these two brand new caged tipper trucks.


London Bird Netting / Proofing Services

Posted by Apest 19th July 2015.

This balcony was a regular spot for pigeons to land and nest. Apest created a netting system to fit this particular balcony and spiked window ledges to prevent this target pest returning. A thorough clean was also carried out and now the tenants can be pigeon free!


Call Apest for a quote if your property is having similar issues.!

London Bird Proofing Services

Posted by Apest 5th May 2015.

Air vents being affected by pigeon guano has been cleaned and we have placed black knotted netting to prevent the birds from nesting and damaging these air vents further!


London Graffiti Removal Services

Posted by Apest 21st April 2015.

Using a specialist graffiti removal gel and well suited sponge the technician was able to remove this unwanted graffiti. Jet washes can also be used when graffiti is large on brickwork, plastic, Perspex, wood and other areas.


Needle Sweeps.

Posted by Apest 14th April 2015.

At Apest our operatives are fully trained and certified in needle stick and sharps awareness.

We are able carry out thorough sweeps of all areas, properties, gardens, public areas…anywhere! Collecting all sharps with specialist equipment and disposing them safely.


It is extremely important to report and have needles removed professionally due to the health concern carried by these needles if one was to pierce the skin.

Please call for a quotation!

Loft Deep Clean Services London

Posted by Apest 2nd April 2015.

Achieved a marvellous deep clean of this loft area due to mould build up. Remember Apest can carry out environmental, sewage leak, Graffiti removal and many more deep cleans! Call us now for a quotation!


Mice Pest Control Treatments London

Posted by Apest 24th March 2015.

During the course of the last year or so we have noticed an increased in neophobia (fear of new objects) and bait shyness displayed by mice this is something we believe has evolved in mice. This has interfered repeatedly with some of our 2 part treatments for mice in both commercial and residential dwellings.

So we have decided to adopt a 3 part treatment instead of the 2 treatments previously offered. This will not only allow the rodenticides to remain on site longer reducing bait shyness and neophobia we will be able to ascertain how long we leave the boxes down over the 3 part job. We believe this will be more successful and in the long run better value for money for all our clients.

Apest goes green!

Posted by Apest 4th March 2015.

We have recently added some eco-friendly diesel electric tippers to our fleet. Less pollutant emissions damaging impact on the environment.

Bird netting services in Redhill.

Posted by Apest 4th March 2015.

Sometimes bird netting is not always as an option for commercial buildings as window cleaners/maintenance operatives need to access the window or other area. With this particular building bird netting had already been erected. Our client wanted a method in order to reach the window areas. Apest inserted a multi zip system through the middle allowing easy access for cleaning and servicing the windows.

Wasp season begins!

Posted by Apest 4th March 2015.

Around this time of year the queen wasp will begin to look for a suitable place to build their nests. We know it’s not always possible to prevent wasps nesting but here’s a few simple tips to keep out of your home.

• Wasps use small holes and gaps or air vents to enter loft spaces to build the nest, Apest can seal these holes and gaps and use an insect mesh to cover air vents.

• Inspect wasp favourite areas regularly, monitor any growing nests or call us in to check it out!

• On your inspection you may come across a wasps nest, this could be an old nest, wasps do not return to their old homes and new wasps won’t use the old nest, call us in to inspect and remove if you require.


20 Silverdale

Posted by Apest 13th Feb 2015.

Treated all areas with a biocide agent removing any risk both health and pest related that is associated with this pest (feral pigeons). Carried out deep clean using a non -toxic cleaning agent and fit for purpose tools in order to remove all remains of fouling. Erected black knotted bird netting to balcony and steel spikes to bottom of balcony denying access to future birds.



23 Beech House

Posted by Apest 12th Feb 2015.

Treated all areas with a biocide agent removing any risk both health and pest related that is associated with this pest (feral pigeons). Carried out deep clean using a non -toxic cleaning agent and fit for purpose tools in order to remove all remains of fouling.



Pigeon Removal & Cleaning Services

Posted by Apest 13th Jan 2015.

Apest carried out a thorough pigeon clean to loft space using a biocide agent and other high quality cleaning materials. The service included the removal of any old nestings, eggs and pigeon carcasses from loft area. The Apest technicians deep cleaned all the affected areas of the property using fit for purpose tools along with a BIO-CIDE agent that will remove any bacteria and contamination relating to this fouling.